Projects in Sight, Sound and Sensation

1974 - My first book on cool electronic projects was a flop.

On the heels of my 1972 success with the biofeedback project, I focused on a goal to deliver a book covering the total of provocative “edge” technologies that I had experimented with to date. After all, I was now “the writer,” so I needed to prove my meld.

How many such “deep exploration” technical aids fired our imaginations in the mid-1970s? Biofeedback devices, laser light shows, ESP detectors, Kirlian cameras, not to mention 3-D oscilloscope graphical drawing devices! I was devoted to the cause–my efforts were the embodiment of a labor of love. But moving into my first apartment and writing for so many months with no income, I found that I had expended every cent collected from the former Alpha wave biofeedback article.

1974 I must be a writer
As part of my journey, I became friends with Koko the Talking Gorilla +

The new book, Projects in Sight, Sound & Sensation did a swan dive and crashed in the market that was 1974. Perhaps I was too far ahead of the curve, but not enough people seemed to resonate with my labor of love. I was not deterred. Using the manuscript for leverage, I landed a technical writing assignment for a major electronics firm, my first “real” job in the tech field.

A job I would soon find I hated.