Microcomputer Primer

1976 - Microcomputer Prime was a home run. It made me think I could make a living as a writer.

The mid-1970s were the days that saw the infancy of microprocessor chips. I became certain that these tiny ‘silicon minds’ were poised to transform the world. But few too many people–at that time–would have agreed with such a prediction.

Projects in Sight, Sound & Sensation failed to capture the public imagination in 1974. I knew my next book had to be more universally appealing. I suggested to my staid electronic book publisher, Howard W. Sams, a new book about this magical microcomputer–convinced this was where the next real revolution would occur. Sams was skeptical. My best friend, programmer Michael Pardee, joined me to convince Sams otherwise.

Not only was the book produced in record time, but to everyone’s amazement, the title sold 100,000+ copies in the first year. Now I had explicit career fever! Computer books were my trade. The microchip was my blade (aka launch platform). The little cartoon character created by my friend Robert Gumpertz was a big hit.

A dream based on these silicon marvels awaited me, but first, I needed to exit the corporate world of technical writing.

1976 With my friend and coauthor Michael Pardee.