The Early Years

The Lights are on; the Stage is Set

Five publishers rejected this idea before Sams said yes. It went into 15 printings. The Eighties was a renaissance in computer technology; opportunities poured from

CP/M Primer

Sams Editorial Director loved spiral binding Twisters do not inevitably touch down on the Kansas plains, and Microsoft was not always king of the desktop.

Computer Graphics Primer

1979 Computer Graphics Primer is based on a homemade weather station. It’s 1979. I have now performed a mind-meld with the technological marvel known as

BASIC Programming Primer

The book had a cover you could not miss. Its success showed there might be a market for programing books. In 1978, after coauthoring two

Your Own Computer

1977 Only 68 pages long it sold a million copies. While I had conceived and written Microcomputer Primer for techies, the average Joe was struggling

Me, Steve & an Apple 1

Just before I discover the Apple 1 Bruce and I were using lasers to create cool artwork. + The following actually happened, kind of. They

Microcomputer Primer

1976 – Microcomputer Prime was a home run. It made me think I could make a living as a writer. The mid-1970s were the days